A Quick Forecast on the Chicago IL Real Estate Market this April 2022

by Apr 19, 2022

Before you jump into any investment opportunity, you should first do a thorough search of what you’re getting yourself into. In this case, if you’re planning to sell an extra property or an inherited home you have located in Chicago, Illinois, you should first look into the current real estate market and get a feel of present home values. It is only logical that you conduct a thorough research of market values before listing your home for sale.

Get the latest information on market conditions, price range, real estate trends, and more in this article. Read on to find out the most recent news and trends in the real estate market in Chicago, IL this April 2022.

April 2022 Real Estate Trends in Chicago

According to news reports, Chicago home prices will continue rising in 2022. Similar to its state in the previous year, Chicago in 2022 is still a strong seller’s market, so interested home buyers can expect high home listing prices and limited inventory.

As for home prices, expect them to rise as supply continues to fall short of the current demand for homes in Chicago, Illinois. According to real estate reports, in 2021 Chicago experienced home prices that were somewhat steady compared to the rapid increase of home values in 2022. In 2021, the median city home price in February was $335,000, unchanged since July. And in just 12 months, the median price increased by 4.7%. Despite this increase in home prices, it has considerably slowed down. Interested home buyers can expect an increase of around 3.9% in April 2022.

One thing to note, however, is that outside of downtown Chicago, buyer competition remains fierce. Precisely in residential neighborhoods and smaller apartment communities, supply remains low and demand high. Buyers aiming to live in neighborhoods where houses, townhouses and small condo buildings are common should prepare to have to compete with other bids.

Chicago is also seeing a surge in fully renovated single family properties. The Chicago Association of Realtors’ data found that most of the popular suburbs are on the south side of Chicago. Naturally, it follows that this is where many homes are being rehabbed and sold. These properties are ideal for investors who want to buy a property to rent out.

When it comes to days in the market, interested home sellers can expect an average of 30 days to 2 months before their homes are sold. In 2021, homes in Chicago sold for an average of 55 days, but since inventory remains low and people wanting to live in Chicago keep pouring in, homes are selling quickly. Chicago is, without a doubt, still a seller’s market in 2022.

Now that you’re up-to-date with the current real estate trends in Chicago, you’ll know the right steps to take to further your real estate investment plans. With how the market is currently going, now might be the best time to finally sell that extra property you inherited in Chicago, Illinois.

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