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Questions That May Come up When Selling Your House For Cash

“How do I know that I am really getting a fair cash offer for my house?”

If you have concerns about receiving a fair cash offer for your house, rest assured that we prioritize fairness and transparency throughout the selling process. We believe in treating our clients with respect and integrity, and that includes providing a fair offer for your home. Our commitment to transparency means that we always use the same cash offer formula when buying property in Chicago, and we are more than happy to explain and discuss each component of that formula with you. We want you to feel confident and informed every step of the way.

“Is it better to sell my house to you for cash or go through a real estate agent?”

When you’re looking to sell your house quickly, you have various options to consider. While working with a real estate agent can often be beneficial, there are situations where selling for cash is the preferred route. At our company, we specialize in providing hassle-free and efficient

cash transactions for homeowners in need of a fast sale. However, we encourage you to explore and compare your options before making a decision. To demonstrate our success and customer satisfaction, we’d like to share the story of one of our delighted homeowners.

“What is the catch here? Selling my house for cash seems too good to be true!”

When you choose to sell your house quickly to us, there are no hidden calculations or surprises. We believe in fairness and consistency, which is why we use the same formula to calculate our offers for every home. We understand that math can be daunting, so we keep it simple and straightforward. Transparency is important to us, and we are more than happy to explain the components of our formula, ensuring you have a clear understanding of how we arrive at our cash offers. Honesty and transparency are the pillars of our business, and we are committed to demonstrating the precise method we use to calculate all our offers.

Sell Your House For Cash Method!

After Repair Value


Selling Cost


Your Offer

Sell My House Fast in Chicago, IL

What is an after-repair value?
What are selling costs?
How much profit are you trying to make here?

Here is an Example Below

ARV or After Repair Value

Represents the estimated worth or potential selling price of your home once all necessary repairs have been completed. We conduct thorough comparisons on your property to determine this value. For instance, let’s consider a scenario where Vinny, who resides in your neighborhood, recently sold his house for $250,000. Vinny’s home is similar to yours in terms of size, year built, and floor plan. However, he recently underwent renovations, including a new roof, updated kitchen and bathrooms, new flooring, and fresh paint. Based on these observations, we can reasonably assume that your house, with similar updates like Vinny’s, would also have a market value of $250,000.


This is the total cost it would take to repair your home and bring it to a similar condition to Vinny’s.

What are Selling Costs?

Selling costs are the costs that we incur while we are remodeling the house and when we sell it. We have to pay taxes, insurance, and utilities while the home is under remodel. When we list the house, we will have advertising costs, as well as commission fees paid to realtors. These are all fees you won’t have to pay when you sell your house fast to us!

Selling costs include the expenses we bear during the remodeling phase and the actual sale of the house. Throughout the remodeling process, we are responsible for taxes, insurance, and utilities. Additionally, when we list the house, there are advertising expenses and commission fees to be paid to realtors. However, when you choose to sell your house quickly to us, you won’t have to worry about these costs. They are eliminated, allowing you to save both time and money in the selling process.


Yes, we do have to make a reasonable profit. We wouldn’t be able to stay in business without it. We have to support our families, as well as the families of our employees and contractors.

Your Offer

NO Obligation & 100% FREE.

What The Numbers Look Like:

After Repair Value = $250,000

Current “As-Is” Market Price = $175,000

Repair Costs = $45,000

Selling Costs = $25,000

Our Desired Minimum Profit for This Deal = $30,000

Here’s our most recent example of a home purchase in Chicago, IL. Suppose you consulted a realtor who assessed your home’s current “as-is” market value at $175,000. Additionally, we are confident that, once we complete the remodeling, we can sell your house for $250,000. After evaluating your property, we estimate that the necessary renovations will cost approximately $45,000 to achieve the same condition as Vinny’s house. Our selling costs typically average around 10% of the after-repair value (ARV).


After Repair Value




Selling Cost




Your Offer

Are You Still with Me? Let’s Recap This Home Sale!

The homeowner sought our assistance after a listing agent provided a potential selling price of $175,000 for the home in its current condition. Unfortunately, due to the home’s condition, it would not qualify for FHA loans, limiting the pool of potential buyers. The homeowner was concerned that it could take several months to sell, which was not feasible as she had to relocate promptly for a new job. We offered a solution by purchasing her home as-is, without any fees, and completed the transaction within just two weeks. This allowed her to receive cash quickly instead of waiting for months, saving her significant expenses in mortgage payments, commission fees, utility payments, and taxes.

client reviews

At Onyx Homes, LLC, we do our best to provide excellent service every time, which is why we are proud to share our client review with you!

Onyx Homes LLC are professional, honest and caring. The amount of compassion and knowledge they have provided me is priceless. If you are looking to trust someone to help you in your situation, look no further!

– Katherine Garcia

It’s important to work with someone professional, knowledgeable and hardworking. With Onyx Homes you’ll have just that! Highly recommend!

– Julia Noel

Onyx Homes rescued my home from being foreclosed, they jumped through hoops which I can say not a lot of investors would, they patiently worked with our delicate situation for almost 4 months and even came out of their pocket to help us remedy the issue. They even help you get back on your feet by referring you to realtors to find your next home. I would have gotten my credit ruined if it wasn’t for Kim from Onyx Homes, she’s very trustworthy and dependable. I can truly say that this company is not just for profit but to genuinely help distressed family get out of a sticky situation.

– Shalah Anquilo

“Why Would I Sell My House For Cash To You For $150,000 When I Could Sell It Myself?“

When you choose to sell your home to us for cash, you can say goodbye to the burden of repairs and cleaning. We understand that many homeowners prefer to avoid the emotional and financial stress of remodeling their homes. In fact, contractors often charge homeowners more for repairs compared to companies that provide them with consistent business.

Furthermore, some homeowners are eager to sell their homes as quickly as possible, rather than undergoing the lengthy process of renovation or waiting for weeks with no offers on the market. Negotiating buyer credits, repairs, and other aspects can be time-consuming and can take weeks to resolve. Moreover, by the time everything is finalized (usually within 45-90 days), homeowners find themselves owing the realtor 6% of the sales price, which amounts to $15,000 on a $250,000 sale. When you desire a stress-free home selling experience, simply give us a call!

“Why Would I Sell My House Fast To You For $150,000 When I Could List It With An Agent?”

Suppose you decide to sell your house through an agent for $175,000. In most cases, buyers will likely request repairs and ask for some closing costs, typically averaging around 2%. If we consider this common trend, your net proceeds after selling your house for $175,000 would be as follows.

Sell Price = $175,000

Commissions = $10,500

Closing Credits = $3,500

Misc. Repairs = $2,500

Your Net Amount = $158,500

The question to consider is whether you prefer a streamlined and fast home sale or if you are willing to take a chance and list it on the market. It’s important to keep in mind that while your home is on the market, you will continue to bear the financial responsibilities such as mortgage payments, utility bills, taxes, insurance, and more. The longer your home stays on the market, the more these expenses accumulate.

Hold On! What If Repairs on my house are only $25,000?

After Repair Value = $250,000

Repairs = $25,000

Selling Costs = $25,000

Our Minimum Profit = $30,000

Your Cash Offer = $170,000

By selling your house to us, you would receive an additional $11,500 compared to listing with an agent, once you factor in the fees you would be charged. We believe in using the same formula and placing a strong emphasis on the numbers. This approach ensures transparency and enables you to make an informed decision that maximizes your financial benefit.

Get Your Cash Offer On Your House Today!

At Onyx Homes, LLC, we specialize in fast home purchases throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. As cash buyers, we offer a seamless and speedy selling experience. Our goal is to provide homeowners with a better way to sell their house, without any unnecessary delays or wasted time. Being a family-owned and operated business, we are deeply rooted in the same community as you. Respect, integrity, and honesty are the core values we uphold in all our dealings. Your satisfaction and referrals are crucial to our success. If you have any inquiries about selling your house, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at 847-262-9012.

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