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client reviews

At Onyx Homes, LLC, we do our best to provide excellent service every time, which is why we are proud to share our client review with you!

Onyx Homes rescued my home from being foreclosed, they jumped through hoops which I can say not a lot of investors would, they patiently worked with our delicate situation for almost 4 months and even came out of their pocket to help us remedy the issue. They even help you get back on your feet by referring you to realtors to find your next home. I would have gotten my credit ruined if it wasn’t for Kim from Onyx Homes, she’s very trustworthy and dependable. I can truly say that this company is not just for profit but to genuinely help distressed family get out of a sticky situation.

– Shalah Anquilo

The team at Onyx Homes has been a pleasure to work with! I didn’t think I would find a family oriented real estate company that really cares about their clients and the connections they make with other people. Kim and her team constantly work to help the people in their community and beyond! They are knowledgeable about their market and really take the time to make sure you understand and are taken care of. Can’t wait to work with them again!

– Lorraine

It was great with with Onyx Homes, LLC. – the team was knowledgable and provided excellent customer service – they know what they are doing. We look forward to working with them again.

– Kevin Grundig


Onyx Homes LLC are professional, honest and caring. The amount of compassion and knowledge they have provided me is priceless. If you are looking to trust someone to help you in your situation, look no further!

– Katherine Garcia


Kim and Jean are great to work with! They believe in clients needs being met. You will not regret working with this knowledgeable team.

– Eileen Still Looney


It’s important to work with someone professional, knowledgeable and hardworking. With Onyx Homes you’ll have just that! Highly recommend!

– Julia Noel

Kim and Jean at Onyx Homes are passionate and caring people. They work hard to meet their client needs. From the first moment I met them, they made me feel cared and genuinely wanted to help. They are knowledgeable and have the right team in place to help with any real estate needs you may have.

– Osedra Brown Siler

I love working with Kim & Jean. They believe in doing right the first time. Honest and credible. I love selling their homes!! Check out the new beauty at 7531 Kenton.

– Jennifer Evans Piet


Onyx Homes LLC operates with grace and integrity while providing real estate solutions that create win win results for all parties involved. I was very impressed with the service I received and I highly recommend working with this company.

– JoAnna Anderson