Chapter 2: Jason – How to Properly Vet and Hire New Technicians and Companies in Real Estate

by Nov 16, 2021

Hiring the right technician or company can make or break a project in any industry. In the real estate industry, with its associated laws and regulations it is vital.

What is Vetting?

Vetting is the process of thoroughly investigating an individual, company or other entity during the employment process. Obtaining someone’s background check/review is a prime example of the vetting process that takes place for an individual who is wanting to obtain a job in the real estate world. According to the Independent Commission Against Corruptions reports that 25% of individuals provide various inaccuracies regarding their employment history. The most common types of inaccuracies or misconceptions include: past job titles, role responsibilities and the reason for termination from the employer. Vetting is a very important and a crucial aspect in the hiring process for these companies. Furthermore, one of those most important factors of the hiring process is ensuring that qualified candidates apply for the position.

The Vetting Process consists of many important factors that help employers with their hiring process and procedures in a more organized manner. The following items are critical in regards to the vetting process for real estate agents: confirming someone’s employment history and work history, verifying the applicant’s education credits and background, making sure that the applicant’s social media accounts have been reviewed thoroughly, ensuring that the applicant’s credit reports have been checked in-detail and that the background information for the applicant has been thoroughly checked for any prior criminal record. In addition, there are several important traits that an applicant must display when applying as a real estate technician. These qualities include: trust, qualified, hard-working, reliability, being able to keep and maintain the workload, having great communication skills and being able to effectively talk to clients when they are in the process of finding a home.

Things that Applicants Should Know Before Applying for a Job

There are many important items that an applicant should be aware of before applying for a job and interviewing for that position. The employer should explain and clearly define the roles of the position that the applicant is applying for. They should also go into detail regarding the various job responsibilities that are mandatory for the individual who obtains this position. In addition, if there is an immediate job opening or a job opening that is coming up fairly quickly, the employer should provide the applicant with the anticipated start date.

How to Conduct Vetting in the Real Estate Industry

There are many important factors that play a significant role in the vetting process for real estate companies. First, the employer will verify the applicant’s references to verify that their references are accurate and truthful. The second factor requires an employer to confirm the applicant’s educational background as well as their previous employment background. After that, the employer will conduct a thorough background check on the applicant to check if they have a criminal background in their past or not. The final factor is for the real estate company to confirm the certifications that the applicant has listed on their resume and to make sure that those certifications are up to date and that they can still be utilized. By doing each of these items, the employer is much more likely to find someone who will be a great fit for the technician position that they are hiring for.

Important Tasks that Technicians Bring to the Real Estate Table

There are many important tasks that technicians bring to the table for a real estate company. First, the technician must know what type of real estate transaction is relevant and these types of real estate include: legal title, transition that is pertinent, legal title, equitable title, leaseholder transfer and assignment of note. In addition to knowledge, the technicians must also be able to prepare and draft various important legal documents for the real estate company. They must also be knowledgeable in title searching which includes being quick and thorough throughout this process. In addition, the technician must be able to ask the realtor the important questions that they do not understand in order to ensure that the process goes smoothly for the client (s). Moreover, technicians need to be knowledgeable and up to date on basic real estate legal research and they must also learn and become familiar with the specific real estate laws that pertain to their individual state.

Illinois Real Estate Laws

The mission of the Illinois State Bar Association Real Estate Law Section is to enhance the ability of general practitioners and those concentrating in real estate law by ensuring the following: promoting communication among lawyers throughout the state, to disseminate information on current developments in real estate law and to practice and to participate in the continuing of the legal education programs in the real estate law area, to review and promote legislation and procedural changes affecting real estate law and to practice and to educate the lay public in the rights and procedures connected with the purchase, leasing and ownership of real estate and to cooperate with other groups of professionals and business persons in the real estate area, such as real estate brokers, commercial and bar-related insurance companies, and lenders. Onyx Homes follows the above-referenced laws and they will always go above and beyond for their clients and will help them truly find their dream home by making the real estate process smooth and easy.

If you are interested in working with a real estate company who is dedicated, loyal, trustworthy and reliable to their clients, then Onyx Homes is a great choice for you. We always go above and beyond for you and your family and we ensure that you will find the perfect home that you genuinely love. Onyx Homes has a vast network of professionals who will work extremely hard for all of their clients. Our company has also been thoroughly vetted and we guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the services that we provide. Furthermore, you can rest assured knowing that you are in great hands with us and that we will do anything and everything that we can to find you a home that is just right for both you and your family.


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